Sexualities and Suppressions



In the field of personal growth and self development a cluster of factors may be conspiring to divert your attention away from sexual themes. A century after Freud lifted the lid we have defensive psychotherapy and nervous professionalising, New Age cant, millenarian spiritualising of liberation, the marginalizing of dissonant sub-cultural voices by a more strident moral majority, good olde English reticence, plus the sheer inherent difficulty of staying with these perennials (whatever the current therapeutic fad). Ring any bells for you? This workshop will support you in righting the balance of your attention. The aim is to help you stay with personal reflections, rooted in bodily experience, while not forgetting the cultural context.

There will be sufficient open group time to keep participants ‘with it’ between structured phases and regular interludes of movement to music. The workshop functions on the hitchhiker principle of “tell it while you can” and the lift you get will be catalytic. You can expect a twofold shift after the workshop: a deepening of your dialogue with yourself and a capacity for more openly communicating with others where your sexuality is concerned.

What you can expect from 'Sexualities and Suppressions'

The workshop is an opportunity to respectfully question your sexuality from a variety of angles across a range of themes in the company of others doing likewise. You will be able to:

  • Explore how your identity (who you are) and sexuality are related.
  • Clarify judgements others have made about your sexuality.
  • Own the influence of social class/cultural background on your sexuality.
  • Identify your patterns of attraction and patterns of fantasising.
  • Develop an inner dialogue with your parents regarding your sexuality.
  • Assess the impact of sexual abuse (if any) on your sexual development.
  • Access the sexual dimensions of your body image.
  • Review how your sexuality is mirrored in works of art, films, theatre, literature.

Note: A requirement for attending this workshop is a commitment to not act out your feelings afterwards.