Anger all angles is a theme workshop designed to do full justice to the complexity of anger. Anger all angles is packed with tried and tested procedures for getting a handle on anger. We need to take responsibility for our anger and be able to choose how we express it. To do this requires first hand bodily knowledge of it's workings and this workshop is designed to provide exactly that.

You will learn about:

  • Anger's part in illness
  • Anger as a substitute emotion
  • The use of calming self-talk
  • Differentiating rage from anger
  • Defusing anger escalating out of control
  • Meditative transformation of angry energy
  • Applications from assertiveness training
  • The cultural/social implications of the anger-aggression-violence nexus

A unique workshop

Anger all angles will help you develop a grounded and practical knowledge of anger, rage and hostility. These are commonly lived as difficult emotions and accordingly are ready candidates for various modes of discounting and inflation. You will be spared three common and erroneous (but seductive) takes on anger - naive catharsis, New Age no-no and corporate positivism. The choice to express, contain or even transform your anger will be emphasised. How to relate to other people's anger, aggression and violence will also be addressed.

This workshop offers you

Anger all angles provides opportunities to practice the expression of anger in an assertive mode as an alternative to exploding in a damaging hurtful way or imploding into passive aggression. Cultivating a variety of expressive capacities will be balanced by a focus on anger management, both of your own and other's anger. Experiential learning during the workshop will be reinforced by copious handouts for your ongoing use.

How this workshop works

You will learn by means of both verbal and non-verbal, both quiet and noisy exercises. Workshop methods will include movement, visualisation, writing, drawing, expressive roleplay, somatic techniques, structured anger discharge and group discussions.

You will develop skills to help with:

  • Dealing with criticism
  • Expression of resentments
  • Deflating catastrophic fantasies
  • Conflict between couples / partners
  • Moving away from passive aggressive behaviour
  • Controlling your own aggressive and abusive behaviour
  • Managing your responses to other's aggressive and violent behaviour and ensuring your safety